Meet Eman Rimawi-Doster, Executive Director

Eman Rimawi-Doster, Executive Director, HILC

Eman Rimawi-Doster is a dynamic force with a rich heritage, hailing from both Black and Palestinian ancestry, and proudly born and raised in New York City. For over 25 years, she has been a stalwart advocate for diversity, equity, and inclusion, using art, fashion, writing, creativity, and community organizing to effect positive change in disenfranchised communities.

From a young age, Eman learned the value of taking action and upholding integrity from her parents. Her father instilled in her the drive to identify and correct injustices, a calling she has passionately pursued.

Eman’s community organizing, political science, and creative writing expertise have made her a respected educator and mentor. She has worked tirelessly to promote disability rights and foster an understanding of its intersectionality with every aspect of life. Her unwavering commitment to the community has led her to work with several dozen non-profits since 1999, making a meaningful impact wherever she goes.

As the newly appointed Executive Director of the Harlem Independent Living Center (February 2023), Eman is poised to lead with her trademark vision and dedication. She will focus on educating people about the interconnectedness of disability within multiple communities and promoting the message that life doesn’t end when you have a disability. She is a tireless advocate for better paratransit and is involved in several projects around the universal design of buildings in NYC. Her artistic consultant role with D.C. comics and Skybound is a further testament to her impressive range of skills and accomplishments.

Eman’s reputation as a conference speaker on issues of equity and inclusion for all people with disabilities is well-established. Her wit and humor are as sharp as her intellect, and she brings a fresh perspective to every engagement.

Eman Rimawi-Doster is a visionary leader and an inspiring voice for positive change, and we are proud to have her at the helm of our organization.